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Recently Added Items

Zinnias I - Late-June 2011


photo of Zinnias - late June 2011

Gardening Bed with Pest Control Net in the Backyard II - June 2011


photo of a raised gardening bed in the backyard - June 2011. Planted in the bed: Thumbelina Carrots, Baby Beets, Black Beauty Eggplant and several…

Impatiens, Petunias, Mint - June 2011


photo of Impatiens, Petunias and Mint -- June 2011

Salvia and Four o'clock Seedlings - Mid-June 2011


photo of Salvia and Four o'Clock seedlings in the flower beds. Leaves from a Bigleaf Hydrangea bush ( lower right).. Impatiens in pots on the…

Sweet Potato Vine, Impatiens, Lemon Balm and Mint - Mid-June 2011


photo of a variety of container plants on the patio in mid-June 2011. Mint and Impatiens in the pots on the retaining wall. Sweet Potato Vines,…

First Zinnia of the Season - Mid-June 2016


photo of the first Zinnia bloom of the year

Giant Dahlia Plants - Mid-June 2011


photo of Giant Dahlia plants (pre-flowering) - mid-June 2011

Rows of Zucchini and Watermelon Vines Mid-June 2011


photo of rows of early-season Zucchini plants and "Sugar Baby" Watermelon seedlings - June 2011

Nasturtium - Mid-June 2011


photo of Nasturtium in mid-June

Yellow Summer Squash - June 2011


photo of the first Summer Squash of the season - June 2011